Week 6: Working on the iOS and App Store version, and formed an LLC!

A screenshot of the Play Store page for the Inner-Tube Climber app.
Sorry, still not released! But much closer!

tl;dr: Created an (still unreleased) iOS export and App Store page and formed an LLC!

What happened last week?

Sorry, I did lots of boring stuff last week. I promise to have more interesting art to show next week!
  • Xcode
    • In general, I'm not a fan of most Apple tech or of how Apple does business, but I especially hate Xcode.
    • Xcode takes up so much space!
    • Every time I need to use Xcode, I inevitably have to install the latest update in order to do whatever basic task I need.
    • And inevitably, there isn't enough space on the computer I'm using in order to install that update (Xcode is spectacularly HUUUUUGE).
    • And then, after painstakingly finding enough things to delete, the Mac OS will report that there is enough free space, but then the App Store will disagree.
    • This week I finally learned the difference between "available" and "purgeable" disk space on Macs, and how to convert the latter into the former.
    • Also, we bought a new Macbook that has a lot more space...
  • App Store
    • I set up a page for Inner-Tube Climber.
    • I transferred my "Individual" account to an "Organization" account.
      • This involved quite a lot of emailing back-and-forth with Apple tech support, but ultimately wasn't too hard to do.
      • I'm glad I don't have to pay them another $100 to put things on the App Store through my LLC!
  • iOS
    • Fixed lots of weird little bugs that only show up in the iOS version of my app.
  • Screenshots
    • I've had to create so many different screenshots!
    • For the Play Store, I uploaded seven screenshots at 3840x2160.
    • For the App Store, for iPhones, I uploaded seven screenshots at 2778x1284.
    • For the App Store, for iPads, I uploaded seven screenshots at 2732x2048.
    • Fortunately, I've made all this a lot easier with some custom functions in Godot to set arbitrary screen sizes and to take screenshots with a single key press.
  • LLC
    • I'll talk all about forming my LLC in a separate post!
  • A tiny bit of Inner-Tube Climber polish
    • A couple friends did a little bit of play-testing on Inner-Tube Climber, and they gave me some great feedback.
    • So I fixed a few small issues in response to that.

What's next?

  • Next week will be all about creating new levels!
    • I was hoping to get around to creating more levels these last couple weeks, but other things have taken all my time.
  • I'll also do a little bit more boring LLC formation and app publishing work.

🎉 Cheers!

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  1. Good luck with iTunes Connect (or whatever the App Store billing interface is called now) :)


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