Week 12: Incorporated more scaffold framework, refactored GUIs for new viewport scaling.

A custom "shiny button" in-editor icon.
An in-editor icon I made for my custom "Shiny button".

tl;dr: Incorporated more scaffold framework into Squirrel Away, and refactored screens and widgets to support my new viewport scaling.

What happened last week?

I swear I'll eventually be done futzing with this boring framework stuff and get back to actually making games at some point... but not last week!

Here is some stuff I fixed:

  • Incorporated the level-select and game-over screens from Inner-Tube Climber to the Scaffold framework.
  • Refactored AutoLoads to be properties on the single top-level ScaffoldConfig global instance.
  • Removed all remaining extra framework AutoLoads.
  • Refactored how items are configured for the LabeledControlList widget.
  • Updated Scaffold to support configuring which items are included in the various LabeledControlList tables.
  • Fixed some issues with already-deallocated state within platform graph items.
  • Updated my frameworks to work with Godot v3.3rc6.
  • Created some editor icons for my custom scenes.
    • These are only shown within the Godot editor UI, but they were also really easy for me make quickly.
      • (Being able to use a vector-graphics editor, like InkScape, is really handy—would recommend!)
A custom "accordion panel" in-editor icon.
"Accordion panel"

A custom "debug panel" in-editor icon.
"Debug panel"

A custom "full-screen panel" in-editor icon.
"Full-screen panel"

A custom "labeled-control list" in-editor icon.
"Labeled-control list"

A custom "nav bar" in-editor icon.
"Nav bar"

A screenshot showing my custom in-editor scene icons within Godot.
Some of my new custom scene icons within Godot.
  • Created new GUIs to make it easier to use my new scaling system:
    • A TextureButton wrapper
    • A TextureRect wrapper
    • A CheckBox wrapper
  • Refactored old GUIs to support my new scaling system:
    • NavBar
    • LevelSelectItem
    • AccordionPanel
    • ShinyButton
    • Each Screen
    • WelcomePanel
    • Started on the UtilityPanel
  • Fixed an issue with font and checkbox scales being a frame behind.
A screenshot showing the blurry fonts from before my auto-scaling system.
Font-scaling before.

A screenshot showing the high-resolution fonts with my new GUI scaling system.
Font-scaling after.

An animated GIF of a screen-recording showing the "Squirrel Away" window being resized with the new auto-scaling behavior.
"Ooooooh, ahhhhhhh." It get's bigger, then smaller!

Also, basically, I'm famous now...

Ok, not at all, actually.

Inner-Tube Climber is now mentioned in an article on a site called GamesKeys. It's not particularly exciting, since it's listed with 30 other Android apps, and they don't actually say anything about it beyond what it says on my store page, but I guess it's nice.

And there are two gameplay videos from random other folks on YouTube!

I think this just confirms that there are people out there looking at whatever's new in the mobile marketplaces, and trying to get views by reporting on them.

What's next?

:/ Mostly the same as last week:

  • Finish wrapping-up the new Scaffold framework.
    • Finish fixing scaling in the UtilityPanel.
    • Actually split it apart into a separate repo.
  • Then fix a couple issues with the Surfacer framework.
  • Then start creating a new small game with the Surfacer framework!

🎉 Cheers!

This is a simple icon representing my sabbatical.