Ludum Dare 48: The Before Times

The cover art for our game; it says "The Before Times"

tl;dr: I participated in a game jam with some friends, and we made an atmospheric game!

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The Jam

Ludum Dare is a semi-annual event where people create a game over the weekend. Ludum Dare is a ranked competition, with a clever voting system that gets more eyes on your game when you in turn rate other games. There are two tracks you can participate in:

  • In the "Compo" track, you must create all your own art, code, music, sounds, etc. from scratch, work by yourself, and finish within 48 hours.
  • In the "Jam" track, you can work with a team, you can use art, code, music, sounds, etc. that already existed or was created by someone else, and you get 72 hours to finish.

Additionally, the games all follow some central theme, which is only announced at the start of the jam.

The theme was "deeper and deeper".

We made a game about exploring an infinitely looping room and getting out of a dark place. It's a very atmospheric game, with great art, a really great music progression, and great voice overs! Give it a click!

Here are some screenshots:

A gameplay screenshot showing our menu screen, which says "The Before Times".
The menu screen

A gameplay screenshot showing a dark landing above a stairway.
The first thing you see.

A gameplay screenshot showing a gramophone on a table in front of a window.
You get to let some light into the room.

A gameplay screenshot showing the same landing above the stairway but with brighter lighting.
Things brighten up as you progress.
Don't worry, it isn't actually a psychological horror game!

Some highlights

  • This was definitely a learning experience for me.
    • We used Unity, which is a game engine I'd never used before last week.
    • We made a 3D game. I've done a fair amount of 3D work, but never with "real art", and a lot of the more industry-standard tools we used.
    • Some of my teammates were game-industry professionals.
  • A very atmospheric game.
  • A great music progression!
  • Lots of great voice-over elements!
  • Really great art!

🎉 Cheers!

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  1. I'm really impressed. The modeling and atmosphere were neat. I think expanding it a bit to have a puzzle and reveal would make it feel a bit more fulfilling. Great work!

    1. :) Yeah, our artist, composer, and voice-overer all did a great job of setting a mood!

      It's definitely missing some more depth of gameplay, but I think that's a common theme of jam games, when you don't have the MVP ready as early as you planned, and then you don't have time to get to all the interesting bits to build on top of it.


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