Week 42: Octobit: Part 3

All of my Octobit art from the last week combined into a single image.

tl;dr: I've been keeping up with Octobit and making lots of pixel art and animations, and I was rated well in the Ludum Dare game jam!

See all of my Octobit art at levi.dev/octobit!

Ludum Dare ratings

I participated in the Ludum Dare game jam at the start of the month. In the last week, three separate people livestreamed my game, and they announced the ratings!


There were 735 "Compo" (solo and "from scratch") entries in the game jam.

Here are my ratings in each of the different categories. My best ratings were "Overall", "Audio", and "Fun".

  • Overall: 55th! That's in the top 7.5%.
  • Audio: 58th
  • Fun: 60th
  • Graphics: 87th
  • Humor: 90th
  • Mood: 102nd
  • Innovation: 136th
  • Theme: 260th


It's really fun to see other folks enjoy my game (and a little painful to see all of my game's little flaws!)


I'm doing Octobit this year! So I'm spending most of my time this month developing my art skills, rather than writing code!

Also, I've been recording time-lapse videos for each of my creations, so check those out too!

Octobit is a challenge to create one piece of pixel art per day during the month of October. Here is this year's daily prompt list.

Day 18: Walking guts

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 18: Walking guts

  • I really didn't like this prompt. "Walking guts"?? No wiggle room!
  • I think I at least made the best I could of the bad prompt with the Abbey Road design.

Day 19: Perfect fit

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 19: Perfect fit

  • If it fits, I sits.
  • Long-haired cats are so much more difficult to draw!!
  • When I started, I was very nervous that it would not turn out well, at all.
  • But I think it worked out!

Day 20: Cursed item

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 20: Cursed item

  • OooooOOOoOOoOooOh, spooky!

Day 21: Stupid hat

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 21: Stupid hat

  • ♪ "The hero of canton the man they call Jaaaayne" ♫
  • Faces are hard!!
  • I've been planning for a while to take a Udemy course on drawing faces.
  • It's definitely the kind of thing that you can be a lot better at when you're more familiar with how to approach the shape and have a little practice.
  • I'm pretty happy with the quick knitting texture though!

Day 22: Delivery service

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 22: Delivery service

  • I was originally planning to have an Amazon drone buzzing by, scaring the stork, but I didn't have enough time!
  • My clouds need some work.

Day 23: TMNT ripoff

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 23: TMNT ripoff

  • Heroes in a half shell.

Day 24: Cocktail party

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 24: Cocktail party

  • Cheers!
  • Rotated ellipses are very difficult to make look right with just a few pixels!

Code and other work

What's next?

  • More Octobit art! Here are the next prompts:
    • 25. Homemade weapon
    • 26. Skull
    • 27. Homewrecker
    • 28. Robot
    • 29. Stained glass
    • 30. Gashapon
    • 31. Time's up

🎉 Cheers!

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