Week 43: Octobit: Part 4

A combination of all my Octobit art pieces from the last seven days.

tl;dr: I finished Octobit and made a lot of pixel art!

See all of my Octobit art at levi.dev/octobit!


I'm doing Octobit this year! So I'm spending most of my time this month developing my art skills, rather than writing code!

Also, I've been recording time-lapse videos for each of my creations, so check those out too!

Octobit is a challenge to create one piece of pixel art per day during the month of October. Here is this year's daily prompt list.

Day 25: Homemade weapon

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 25: Homemade weapon

  • Trebuchets are cool.
  • All the little movements in there were a lot of fun to animate.
  • I need to get more practice with trees, mountains, and clouds, since it's so common to want to throw them in the background.

Day 26: Skull

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 26: Skull

  • I tried some dithering by hand on the skull. I bet there're some important techniques I should know about...
  • Dribbly candles are tricky!

Day 27: Homewrecker

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 27: Homewrecker

Pixel art image of a very muscley man in a blue speedo.
Here's the whole dude, since he doesn't actually appear all-together at full-res in a single frame.
  • The collapsing building was easy!
  • The muscles were hard!
    • ...and also difficult! ...hah, hah, hah.

Day 28: Robot

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 28: Robot

  • :) Roomba's are cool!
  • This is one of my most popular pieces in the pixel-art Facebook group I've been posting in.

Day 29: Stained glass

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 29: Stained glass

  • I don't know why I decided on the Settlers of Catan.
  • I guess I thought it had to be colorful, and flowers are over-done.

Day 30: Gashapon

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 30: Gashapon

  • I'm still not fully certain on what exactly a gashapon is (Is it only small dispenser boxes like this? Does the shape/size of the capsule matter?), but I think this probably looks like it!
  • I was originally planning to animate a cat's paw spinning the dial and swiping the capsule out, but I ran out of time, so this is what you get!

Day 31: Time's up

Pixel art created for Octobit. Day 31: Time's up
  • SQUEAK (said in deep resounding voice you can feel in your very soul).
  • I'm on book 37 of 41 in Terry Pratchet's amazing Discworld series, so that gave me some inspiration for this one!
  • The Death of Rats is a recurring character, and the concept of hourglass-like life-timers recurs as well.
  • I thought an hourglass and mortality both fit pretty well for the theme!
  • No time-lapse for this one!
    • I made this mostly on my laptop, from an AirBnB, so I didn't have my normal screen setup.
  • Also, I had a head cold while making this one, and that didn't help!

Code and other work

  • No code again last week.
    • I am definitely faster at creating art after this month, but I also wanted to push myself to create some more interesting pieces last week!
    • I'm very excited to get back to my code this week!

What's next?

  • Octobit is over!
  • "Now get back to work!"
  • I'll resume working on Surfacer platformer AI features.
  • Mostly I'll probably just finish some work on oddly-shaped-surfaces.
  • I'll also write-up a quick separate post on my overall experience with Octobit.

🎉 Cheers!

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