Week 44: Out sick

An animated GIF of a VW Westfalia pop-top camper van driving along a road.
This is my friends' camper van named Kustard!

tl;dr: Out sick!

What happened last week?


  • A cold is working its way through my household, so I basically didn't work last week!

Laundry list

  • Pixel art:
  • Caught up on life and a backlog of chores.
  • Took care of sick family members.
  • Did a tiny amount of code work:
    • Added support for non-character values for Behavior.move_target.
    • Added support for optionally maintaining a circular buffer of the latest X personal logs on each player instance, to help with debugging.
    • Triaged the remaining backlog items that came up during the last game jam.
    • Duplicated the Eye of Glower-On into a new repository, in order to make a few updates while preserving the original game-jam version.
    • Started adding support for rotating the character animator to match the surface-contact normal.
    • Started debugging an issue where the is-rounding-corner surface-state logic isn’t accounting for how the character’s shape projects onto a sloped surface (it instead assumes that the character will be touching the cusp between adjacent surfaces).

What's next?

  • Get back up to speed with Surfacer framework development.
    • Debug some issues with oddly-shaped surfaces.
    • Finish some other surface-parsing logic I left-off on.
  • Turn sick people into healthy people!

🎉 Cheers!

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