Week 52: New framework releases

tl;dr: It was a very short work week, but I published new releases of my Surfacer and Scaffolder frameworks.

What happened last week?


  • I mostly took the week off.
  • I published new releases of the Surfacer and Scaffolder frameworks.

Laundry list

  • Update README and getting-set-up docs.
  • Publish a new release of Surfacer and Scaffolder.
    • v0.7.0
    • "Configurable friction, dynamic max-speed, and character rotation!"
    • Changelist:
      • Support for rotating the character animation to match the surface slope at the grab point.
      • A system for annotating surfaces by drawing marks on tile-maps in Godot's scene editor.
      • Support for configurable friction per tile.
      • Support for configurable max-speed per tile.
      • Support for collinear neighbor surfaces.
      • Support for character categories.
      • Support for backtracking when overshooting the target on slippery surfaces.
  • I tried a new format for this submission to the Godot Asset Library.
    • Folks were reporting problems when installing directly from the Asset Library, since Godot would automatically place the Surfacer and Scaffolder within the root directory of the project.
    • However, these files will only work if they are under the `/addons/(surfacer|scaffolder)/` path.
    • So I created a new branch in either repo just for this v0.7.0 and moved all of the files to be under `/addons/(surfacer|scaffolder)/` just in that branch.
    • I then used that branch's commit as the basis for my Asset Library versions.
    • I can't always keep my files in this nested path, because my main use-case when developing these frameworks is to have them as Git submodules under the `/addons/` folder of my development project. And this would actually then result in the files being under `/addons/(surfacer|scaffolder)/addons/(surfacer|scaffolder)/`!

What's next?

  • Create new Squirrel Away tile art.
  • Fix the navigator's ability to always calculate a valid fall-from-air edge.
  • Fix some issues with Behaviors.

🎉 Cheers!

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