Week 66: Post-jam work on Meteor Power

An animated GIF of a recording of the Godot scene editor showing a constructor-bot building animation with an outline that is being edited within the editor.
I created a new system for outlining sprites.

tl;dr: Last week, I wrapped up my Ludum Dare game-jam tasks, and I started working on a post-jam version of my game Meteor Power.

What happened last week?


  • I started working on an updated post-jam version of Meteor Power, which I'll release as a mobile app.
  • I did some follow-up promo, publishing, and bug-fixing tasks for my game-jam submission.
  • I rated and reviewed other game-jam submissions.

Laundry list

An animated GIF showing a pixel-art meteor with a comet-like particle-effect tail.
Some fun with simple particle effects.
  • LD50 promo and publishing:
  • Fix a broken export of Meteor Power.
    • It was broken on all platforms.
    • I figured debugging the Windows export might be the easiest.
    • So I installed the Rcedit tool, to make Godot happier about Windows exports.
    • Though, this had nothing to do with my export problems.
    • The problem was that there was a dependency on the type “EditorPlugin” from the exported code.
    • This leak happened because I have a check in the Sc global to help warn folks when one of the plugins isn’t enabled in the editor.
    • The fix was very simple! I just removed the type annotation from Sc.
    • But apparently no one else on the Internet has had this problem before. I could find no helpful documentation relating to this!
  • Fix another game-breaking bug, where a crash could happen if a meteor hits a powerline shortly after it was attached.
    • Add a new "recording" release mode.
    • This disables music (since I usually want to add that manually to a trailer).
    • This sets a good window size for a 16:9 video.
    • This disables some HUD overlay elements.
  • Rate and review other LD games!
  • Create a post-jam version of Meteor Power under the SnoringCatGames repo.
  • Plan my goals for a post-jam release of Meteor Power.
  • Create a constructor bot building animation.
  • Create a new OutlineableSprite scene.
    • I looked into a few different ways to render outlines around my sprites.
    • I ended up implementing two of them:
      • Shader-based outline:
        • This is simple, and works with any image.
        • BUT, it’s expensive. It is polynomially more expensive, depending on the thickness of the outline.
      • Texture-based outline:
        • This requires the sprite-author to create an extra copy of each sprite. The copy contains the outline.
        • This then renders both the original sprite and the outline sprite.
        • This has pretty cheap performance, but is more work for the sprite author.
  • Add support for toggling whether a character animator is rendering an outline for the character.
  • Start adding support for changing sprite outline color with a separate nested sprite.
  • Add a sprite outline system, supporting two methods of outlining: extra-texture, and shaders
  • Finish implementing ShaderOutlineableSprite.
  • Add support for centering the window.
  • Fix an issue with AnimationPlayer bypassing the getter/setter for the Sprite.frame field.
  • Add support for tracking whether a navigation was triggered by an explicit player selection.
  • Add support for emitting navigation_canceled when starting a new nav while an old nav is still in-progress.
  • Update parallax background to not scale with camera zoom.
  • Add meteor-tail particles.
  • Fix meteor collision shapes.
  • Fix camera stutter when switching between moving bots.
  • Update Behavior._on_physics_process to accept delta_scaled rather than delta.
  • Fix an issue with character jitter in slow-motion.
    • The problem:
      • The character jitters in slow-motion.
      • This is because of my forced-edge-trajectory-matching.
      • My edge-trajectories were calculated with a fixed (non-slow-motion) time-step.
      • So when I enable slow-motion, I no longer update the character's position to the next precalculated trajectory frame on every actual render frame.
      • This makes the character's position seem to jump forward every few frames, while staying still during most frames.
    • The fix:
      • I can smooth this jitter by calculating an animator-position offset based on the current physics-frame relative to the edge-frame.
    • Follow-up problem:
      • That fix didn’t actually work, because I’m still applying the default character physics-based movement when the time-step doesn’t move into the next trajectory frame.
      • That means that the character is actually still moving between trajectory frames--they just get forced back to the expected trajectory position on each new frame.
      • This is probably the main actual cause for the jitter in the first place.
    • Follow-up fix:
      • Override the default physics-based movement and force the character position to match the latest trajectory frame each physics-frame.
    • Follow-up problem:
      • This breaks my navigator, since it thinks that if navigation is active, but the character didn’t actually move between physics-frames, they must be stuck, which means something must be broken.
    • Follow-up fix:
      • Instead of interpolating an animator-offset position between trajectory frames, interpolate the actual character position between trajectory frames.
      • This should fix the original jitter issue, and could also fix possible edge-case navigator stuck-state errors I sometimes see.
    • Follow-up problem:
      • I was _still_ seeing jitter.
      • This turned out to just be a simple logic/math bug.
      • My progress-within-trajectory-frame value was only ever within the range 0.0 to 0.0159.
    • Follow-up fix:
      • I just needed to divide the remainder value by the time-step duration.
    var progress_in_current_trajectory_frame := \
            fmod(trajectory_elapsed_time, PHYSICS_TIME_STEP) / \

What's next?

  • I'm going to pause work on finishing a handful of framework, plugin, and surface-tiler improvements.
  • Instead, I'm going to work on releasing an updated version of Meteor Power as a mobile app.
  • I've got a long list of little improvements I wanted to add during the jam, and didn't have time for!

🎉 Cheers!

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