Week 75: Not much progress - Mostly job interviews

An animated GIF of a recording from Meteor Power showing the new line-runner-bot animations running in-game.
I hooked-up the new line-runner bot!

tl;dr: Last week I mostly did a bunch of job interviews, but I did find some time to hook-up my new line-runner-bot animations.

What happened last week?

  • I hooked-up some new art for the line-runner bot.
    • I created new icons for the line-runner and barrier bots.
    • I added radial menu items for creating these new bots.
    • I hooked-up my line-runner bot animations into the line-runner character.
  • I did a lot of job interviews!
    • I'll talk all about my job-hunt experience in a later post.

What's next?

  • More interviews!
  • But hopefully more time to work on Meteor Power too.
    • I want to finish my bot-command-queue system and display next.

🎉 Cheers!

This is a simple icon representing my sabbatical.