Week 77: Accepted a job offer

An animated GIF of the barrier bot character from Meteor Power.

tl;dr: Last week I wrapped-up interviews and accepted an offer! I also did a little work refactoring bot is-active state and adding the Konami code to my websites.

What happened last week?

  • I wrapped-up interviews and accepted an offer!
    • I'm going to go work for Bungie!
    • I'm being hired as a Senior Gameplay Engineer.
    • I'll be working on the AI in Destiny 2.
      • That means I'll be working on the movements, behaviors, and abilities of the enemies.
    • I'll start on August 1st, so I still have a few weeks to wrap-up work on Meteor Power and my Godot frameworks!
  • I refactored how bot command and is-active state is updated in Meteor Power.
    • My old logic was quite brittle, was updating a lot of redundant state, and was incorrectly handling some important edge cases.
    • For example, I was treating some commands as finished when a bot reaches the collider for a target station, but was then still considering the bot as "active" until they reached their navigation destination point, which was a little further into the station collider.
    • Inconsistency like this leads to all sorts of interesting bugs.
  • I added the Konami code to my websites.
    • Try it out here!
    • (It only works with a keyboard.)
    • ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A
    • (Turn your sound on.)
    • Source code

What's next?

  • Write another post on my experience with this round of interviewing.
  • Hook-up the barrier bot.
  • Wire polish.
    • Make the collision shape more accurate.
    • Add a snapping animation.
  • Meteor polish.
    • Make meteor waves be localized, so only certain parts of the map are in danger at certain times.

🎉 Cheers!

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