Extra chiptunes!

Four music notes (eighth-notes).

tl;dr: I've been making a lot of chiptune music recently, so I thought I'd share!

Recently I've been making music just because melodies pop into my head and I get the itch to turn them into something. But I haven't had any particular game to put them in!

I still have yet to learn to use a proper digital audio workstation program (I may re-familiarize myself with Reaper at some point in the future), so these are pretty simple chiptunes made with a chiptune tracker program called FamiStudio (I highly recommend FamiStudio, by the way! It's very fun to use).

I hope you enjoy these (and aren't bothered by chiptune sounds as much as my partner...)!

Here are my new one-off songs:

And here's a playlist of all the chiptunes I've made over the last few years (29 songs!):

🎉 Cheers!

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