Ludum Dare 55: Dicey Demons


Cover image for Dicey Demons. It says "Dicey Demons" and has a picture of a cute demonic axolotl holding a die.

tl;dr: I participated with friends in the Ludum Dare 55 game jam, and we made a casual deck-building auto-battler with adorable demons and satisfying dice physics!

The jam

The theme of the jam was "Summoning".

We made this game for the Ludum Dare 55 game jam. This was a "jam" submission, created in 72 hours.

We made all the design, code, images, sound effects, and music during the jam.


An animated GIF showing the player tossing their dice.
Satisfying dice physics!

An animated GIF showing the player clicking on dice to place their corresponding monsters.
Use your dice and choose your lineup

An animated GIF showing monsters battling it out.
Casual auto-battling

A screenshot showing the shop UI, with a grumpy cat, and a dialog box with a bad pun.
The grumpy shopkeeper cat is full of bad puns

A screenshot showing the boss wolf.
We even added a boss!


  • I got to work with some really great people!
    • I've worked with half of the team before on What Must be Done.
    • I love working with talented artists and musicians.
  • Our art and sounds are so good in this game!
  • I really enjoy all the dialog and bad puns we came up with!
  • We had a very large team of seven people!
    • We especially had a lot of engineers.
    • I think we did a pretty good job of dividing up the work.
    • But we did probably step on each others toes a little bit more than normal.
    • Also our size may have made it a little harder to reach alignment with some decisions.
  • Personally, I was veeeery tired from the week when we started the jam!
    • I feel like I probably didn't contribute much during brainstorming.
  • We ran into a lot of bugs caused from use using and mutating singletons when we assumed we were handling separate instances of state.
    • Some of this was was due to how were using using Godot resources.
  • We ran into a lot of bugs relating to the flow of control and edge-cases around how our different app states needed to transition between each other.
    • This is somewhat inevitable, given how each of tasks were spread out among separate engineers.
  • Diego had some great starter project with basic reusable app scaffolding.
  • 100% I would work with any of these teammates again!

It's taken me a lot longer to write this post than normal, so I'm sure I'm forgetting some details...

🎉 Cheers!

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