Week 82: Barrier polish and new tileset art

A screenshot from meteor power showing the new tileset and meteor art.
New tileset and meteor art!

tl;dr: Last week I wrapped up most of the work on meteor-blocking barriers, and I created new tileset art.

What happened last week?


  • Finish implementing most of the remaining barrier features.
  • Create new and improved tileset art for Meteor Power.
  • Comb through backlogs and determine relative long-term priorities for all the different threads of work I didn't finish during my sabbatical.
  • I think I found the underlying cause of last week's bizarre bug involving inconsistent event sequencing!

Laundry list

  • Barriers:
    • Deduct energy when building a barrier pylon.
    • Decrement energy while barrier pylons are connected.
    • Auto-deactivate barriers when there is not enough energy to run them.
    • Disallow connections between too-distant barrier pylons.
    • Auto-disconnect barrier pylons that become too distant.
    • Create a barrier-pylon-count HUD and pause-menu display.
    • Disable barrier-pylon-creation when at max pylon capacity.
    • Prevent triggering some barrier-pylon commands when there are no barrier-bots.
  • New tileset art:
    • Create new tileset concept art.
    • Create ceiling, left-wall, and right-wall surface art for the new tile concept.
    • Finish updating all 90-degree-only subtile art in the collidable tileset.
    • Update decoration tileset to match new art.
    • Update station and decoration positions to respect the new 3-pixel collision margin.
    • Add support for forcing the generated subtile-quadrant collision-geometry to be convex when St.forces_convex_collision_shapes is true.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Disable commands that aren't yet implemented.
    • Fix an issue with spacing between entity counts for bot and station count displays.
    • Fix an issue with centering for HudCustomValueBox.
    • Prevent starting new bot or barrier pylon commands when at already max capacity.Re-enable recycling the last bot.
    • Re-balance entity costs.
    • Remove energy-deductions from meteor-collisions.
  • Review my extensive collection of backlogs, update stale tasks, prioritize tasks, and decide what I am most likely to continue working on after starting at Bungie.
An animated GIF of a recording from Meteor Power showing the new barrier blocking meteors.
Here's what the tileset and meteor art used to look like.
A screenshot from meteor power showing the new tileset and meteor art.
...and here's what it looks like now!

What's next?

  • Start my job at Bungie!
  • My progress on my frameworks, Meteor Power, and other independent side-projects will go way down, but I'll still make slow progress on them at some point!
    • I'll talk all about my future in a another post.

🎉 Cheers!

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